Monthly Archives: February 2011


Aligning with our mission to become even greener, FA is creating a new line of original tees using run-off ink from our printer. Stay tuned to see what FA Warehouse Manager Andrew Bellury comes up with…

FA Sighting!! Maseo was caught on stage during a Little Dragon show at the Masquerade in Atlanta. We want to give a big thank you for the support of wearing our waffle house print Fallen Arrows Logo Tee! A huge thank you from the crew!! Can we say “Another Party Soon Maseo?” We’ll keep you posted…


At a t-shirt print shop you get yourself a load of shirts just hangin around. You don’t know where they came from or how they got there so you just leave them, piling up in some dark corner.

Eventually fed up with the pile, our in-house ideas guy, Mike Germon, came up with the Salvaged Line. A collection of green tees presented by Fallen Arrows that takes these random shirts, prints our Salvaged logo on them and poof, a recycled tee for you at just $5. We can do this with your old tees too.

Buy a Salvaged tee – beautiful but flawed, just like you.