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We have been working behind the scenes for months with the folks over at Baby Robot Industries to create a new, unique web service that brings together free website design, hosting and branded merchandise to the world. This new service, called Wundershop is an all-­in-­one solution for businesses, artists, civic groups, and anyone else that needs a website and branded merchandise including tee shirts, hoodies, phone cases, iPad cases, headwear and more. WunderShop is a free service that gives even the least tech savvy user the ability to design their own website, design and sell merchandise, and receive payments when their items sell.

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Spring Shirt Sale


We’re officially two days into Spring (someone should let the weather know) and we’re kicking off the Season with a Spring Shirt Sale. Get your very own design on an American Apparel tee normally $25 bucks now just $19.99. Colors and sizes are limited so email us at to get your order started.

Kevin - Spotted Trotter

When we tell people we’re a Direct-To-Garment printer we usually get some pretty confused looks. While DTG (which is a digital method of printing) is a huge part of what we do and it is a really amazing alternative to screen printing it isn’t the only thing we do here. Which is why we’re adding a new feature to our new monthly newsletter called Current Creations. Current Creations will highlight jobs that we’re working on that are outside the norm that we’re excited about.

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Fallen Arrows Straight and Arrow - Bald Barbie



Working with the public the way we do, we have the privilege to intersect with a wide variety of people. We often meet incredibly interesting individuals who are doing extraordinary things either personally or through their business. A lot of the time, we are not just printing t-shirts for these people, we are helping them start a business, get their art in front of a new audience, or communicate a complex truth through a simple medium. And that is what Joy Cuttino-Vereen is trying to do with her new t-shirt line Bald Barbie. 

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We may have arrived late to the Pinterest party but we’re here now and we brought treats! Make your merry way over to Fallen Arrows Atl where you can see our favorite events, things we dig…a lot, and get to know the folks behind the scenes with our staff pins. We’re also thrilled to have recently been added to Makers Row. Makers Row is a cutting edge service that provides unmatched access to industry specific factories and suppliers in the US and has been mentioned on Wired, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Forbes and more. If you’re a fan of Yelp! and bargains we’ve got you covered there as well. Visit our Yelp! profile and you’ll find company info, customer reviews, and a banging deal for Yelp! users only. Need more customer reviews? Well sir, we’re now on the one and only Angie’s list as well.


If you’ve been to any ICE (Indie Craft Experience) over the past few years you’ve probably seen us there. We’re huge fans of Christy and Shannon and the ICE movement and we’re incredibly excited about their next event Wedding Day Hooray on February 16th at Ambient Plus Studios. We’ve been working tirelessly with our planning team to create a really unique aesthetic which blends innovative print elements with vintage design. We were having trouble containing our excitement so we created a lovely little Save the Date card to share with you that you can present at our booth to receive a free beverage in a special Wedding Day Hooray glass. We also have a top secret design for the competition table which we’re pretty sure will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Fallen Arrows Poisons and Antidotes-png

Mike Germon is a name any of our long-time followers will recognize. Mike’s Accelerated Expansion 2 line was his most recent iteration and we were proud to be Mike’s exclusive printer for the line. Never one to sit still for long Mike has been secretly working for months on a new artist driven line called Poisons and Antidotes that will be revealed to the public on February 23rd. Poisons and Antidotes started as an experiment in vintage medicine label graphics and expanded into an exploration of the dichotomy of destructive and healing forces that we experience in our lives. These garments will address the subject through simple, classic symbols. For the occasion Mike has decided to invite some of his favorite artists to contribute their own responses to the topic, some of which will be available as tee shirts. Participating artists include Peter Ferrari, DUST, olive47, Aubrey Longley-Cook, Trek Matthews, Truett Dietz, Branden Collins, Johnny Warren, Andrew Bellury, Ashley Anderson, David Hale, Nathan Sharratt, and more. Fallen Arrows will be hosting the unveiling and we’ll have special event-only merch, music, and assorted Poisons and Antidotes swag. You can get event updates here.


At a t-shirt print shop you get yourself a load of shirts just hangin around. You don’t know where they came from or how they got there so you just leave them, piling up in some dark corner.

Eventually fed up with the pile, our in-house ideas guy, Mike Germon, came up with the Salvaged Line. A collection of green tees presented by Fallen Arrows that takes these random shirts, prints our Salvaged logo on them and poof, a recycled tee for you at just $5. We can do this with your old tees too.


Well, you said you wanted same day shirt service. I suppose we’ll just step up to the plate, and answer your request Babe Ruth style. Get your order in by 2pm, and we can have you dressed for dinner.
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