Sure, we make printing easy at Fallen Arrows - but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring! Here are 5 ways that you can add a little something extra to your next print job. Email us at to get started. Color is your friend. Unlike screen printing, Fallen Arrows uses Direct-to-Garment printing which means printing with multiple colors is a snap. Turn your simple outline or wording into a branded experience by adding your logo colors.     Design it yourself. Who says you have to hire a professional to make your idea print-worthy? Definitely not us. We can use your doodle, a friends design, or even your kid's masterpiece to print on just about anything. T-shirts are great...but variety is the spice of life. Not every shirt you print has to be the same style or color! If you're printing volunteer shirts for an event, merch for your band, or promo materials for your start-up, shake things up by printing on a variety of shirts. A little birdie told us that Fallen Arrows is offering 20% off of your printing order when you use their backstock. With an offer that sweet you should stop by and take a look or email us at for more info! Be unexpected. Some rules were meant to be broken and with printing it's no different. Print on just the pocket of an apron, just the sleeve of a shirt, a hood of a sweatshirt, or corner of a blanket. Unexpected details make your printing totally unique and totally you. Creative Printing - 1 Custom gifts for the one-of-a-kind person in your life. Creative gifts are hard to come by, especially when you want something extra special. We have no minimum order and can print one item or 101. If you're looking to make the gift something to remember, we can print initials, inside jokes, or even photos on virtually anything. Email us at and let us help. Creative Printing - Catlanta Phone Cover