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A New York native and current Midtown resident, Desiree deCoteau has been working on mondésir, her upcoming collection of T-shirt designs, for over two years now. Each shirt displays one of 18 hand-drawn images of fashion, music, and art icons from Anna Wintour to Rick Rubin to Andy Warhol. All the shirts are digitally printed on 100% organic cotton.



desirFALLEN ARROWS: So, tell us about the upcoming event.
The visual premier of the first three installations of designs will be April 11 in the Granite Room at Castleberry Hill from 7-11 PM.

FALLEN ARROWS: And what will we see there?
Three installations to my Iconic Time Capsule. The first is fashion icons, second is music, and the third is art. We have illustrations of David Bowie, Spike Lee, Slick Rick, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, and a bunch more. At the show, there will be the original illustrations hanging on the wall, and shirts available to see and purchase.

FALLEN ARROWS: What made you want to focus on images of famous people?
It’s all about inspiration. I’m not someone who is obsessed with celebrities or anything. Even as a kid, I never really was. But all these people are a source of creative inspiration, and to reference them with images is to keep that energy flowing. They mean something different to everyone.


FALLEN ARROWS: Why is it called mondésir?
That’s actually my mother’s maiden name, and it means “my desire” in French. When I was fifteen, I told my mom I would name my first collection after her, and to make that all happen has always been, well, my desire!

FALLEN ARROWS: Are you from Atlanta?
No, I’m from Staten Island. But I have been living in Atlanta since 2000, and I think there’s a great community here for artists. People who pursue their passions often have to sacrifice a lot, and I’ve found that Atlanta gives a lot of support to those who want to create.

FALLEN ARROWS: Your vision is clear-cut yet imaginative, and leaves a lot of room for progress. How do you see this project developing in the future?
Well first off, I’d like to design accompany pieces—blazers and other garments. Everything is streamlined and chic in the collection. It’s all on a black/white/grey scale. Eventually, I’d like to use photography in some new shirt designs. Overall though, I’m trying to create a lifestyle brand for creative professionals, in the same way that Nike has created a brand for athletes and Supreme has for urban skaters. I think seeing and feeling this creativity is important for artists, and in the end we’re all artistic in some way.

photo (3)

FALLEN ARROWS: So your T-shirts are for everyone?
Definitely. Everyone has creativity whether they’ve found it or not. Seeking inspiration helps to do just that.


FALLEN ARROWS: And what inspires you?
Music is a big one, which obviously ties in with this project. I got into DJ-ing a few years back, and still love to do that. Although most of my gigs have been bat-mitzvahs…

FALLEN ARROWS: Oh man, I bet those got pretty out of control.
Yeah not really. I’ll probably DJ at the debut show though, just like a thirty minute set or something. I definitely want music to be a part of it all. Another big inspiration is travelling and learning about other cultures. My biggest dream is to combine all these things—to travel the world, inspiring people through music and art.

FALLEN ARROWS: Sounds like a plan! We’re really looking forward to your show. Can you tell people how to find you?
Follow me on Instagram @mondesircollection and check out my website: http://mondesircollection.com/



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With their atmospheric and hazy shoegaze-esque sound the unsigned band, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, create music that borders on being a spiritual experience. SATMC is a deeply embedded part of the Atlanta music scene, spearheaded by lead vocalist & guitarist Jason Elliott. Fallen Arrows sat down with Jason to talk about the band’s beginnings and musical influences, as well as what is special about being a part of East Atlanta.

FALLEN ARROWS: Where did this band get its start and how did you all know one another?


We met several round about ways. Sprits and the Melchizedek Children started in Atlanta, GA at Camp 1538. Camp 1538 was my private residence at the time that was just full of self-discovery and craziness.


FALLEN ARROWS: How long have you all been around?


Spirits and the Melchizedek Children as a project was established in the winter of 2008. Since then the band has gone through some line up changes, but we are stronger than ever!

FALLEN ARROWS: What influences — musical or otherwise — went into creating the sounds found in “Song Birds Grave” and your upcoming release “So Happy, It’s Sad”?


“Song Birds Grave” was written on a New England solo tour I did a few years ago with the Krippled Prophets. I had a bit of alone time in New England to think about the kind of direction I wanted for “So Happy, It’s Sad”. I wanted the essence of the record to have a sense of “beauty in all things” type of Mantra.

FALLEN ARROWS: What experience would you like people to take away from listening to your music and seeing you perform live?


That we are all in space suits on a BIG, blue Space Ship in the Cosmos.

FALLEN ARROWS: What is special to you about being a part of the East Atlanta community?


Well, I really love being at ground zero with a lot of what is happening in the Atlanta Art and Music scene. There is always something going on.

FALLEN ARROWS: Where are you all going on tour and what do you all wish to accomplish while on it?


SATMC is touring the U.S. coast to coast from March 6th through April 20th. On the way to the west, we will be doing SXSW and a handful of SXSW overflow shows throughout Texas. We are having a local release show at 529 on February 27th with our good buddies Big Jesus and Nest Egg. The record will be released to the world on March 4th, 2014. Being our first national tour, this will serve as a pure support and exciting adventure for the new album, “So Happy, It’s Sad”.


We always meet cool new people while on tour, so this will be quite the meet and greet. Touring is such an important aspect for music. There are so many bands out there, and you have to be willing to take risks and leave your hometown to share what you have created. Stand out! Make a point and give a reason for people to be moved by your music. Listening to music is an experience, combined with seeing the music live which ALWAYS takes it to the next level. We are ready and extremely excited for it! See you in March and April!

Follow Spirits on Twitter and InstaGram, Check out Bandcamp too.






Fallen Arrows has always supported the arts in Atlanta and now with our latest project, we’re helping the Spirits and The Melchizedek Children bring the city some amazing music. We’re proud to release a limited run of 7″ from SATMC featuring the track “Song Birds Grave” as well as special Magicicada remix!





Want your chance to win a signed copy of the SATMC 7″ along with entry to the exclusive video premiere for “Lost and Found” at The Mammal Gallery on December 14th?


Check out our Facebook to find out how you can snag all of the Spirits and The Melchizedek Children goodies below!

  1. A signed copy of the Magicicada remix of the new Spirits and The Melchizedek Children 7″, released by Fallen Arrows
  2. A limited edition tee
    Complimentary entry to video release of “Lost and Found” at Mammal Gallery on December 14 at 9PM


Contest ends on Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 6PM. Must enter via Facebook post. Only one entry per person. Must be able to pick up prize from Fallen Arrows headquarters. Winner will be RANDOMLY selected and notified via Facebook post.

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Our city is full of movers and shakers – people working toward making Atlanta an amazing place. We’ve named our top 10 people and organizations who have done incredible things for Atlanta in 2013. Take a look below at the Fallen Arrows Tastemakers of 2013. Think you or someone you know has what it takes to be a future Fallen Arrows Tastemaker? Email us at info@fallenarrows.com.






Hugh Malkin

If FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) had a poster child, it might be Hugh Malkin. As the brains behind HUGECITY, Malkin has created a way to keep up with your online social calendar while checking out other popular events in your area. HUGECITY also gives you the ability to see what your friends are into and recently launched as an app for on-the-go fun. Want to know where the party is at? This is your guy.

startup profiles

Photo c/o Creative Loafing Atlanta

Rebecca Serna

Atlanta is well on it’s way to becoming a more bike-friendly city and there is one woman who is making some serious strides in the progress. Rebecca Serna, executive director of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, is the brains behind Atlanta Streets Alive, the popular event which closes miles of roads to vehicles and opens them to human-powered amusement. We’re all about it.

Rebecca Serna


Brought to Atlanta by the same dudes behind the Bookhouse, Argosy in East Atlanta is pretty impressive in size and offerings.  Under the direction of Chef William Silbernagle, Argosy serves a variety of delicious eats – including wood fired pizza. Moral of this story: Argosy will make you feel like a fancy beer drinking pirate right in the middle of EAV.


Monday Night Brewing

With a mantra that states ‘weekends are overrated’, Monday Night Brewing has put Atlanta on the map for craft beer. Originality and quality are the highlight with creative names such as Eye Patch Ale, Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, and Fu Manbrew. Now that we know about beer this good, Monday Night Brewing has us working for the weeknight.

Monday Night Brewing

D.R.E.S tha BEATnik

If you’ve been to a hip-hop show in Atlanta, chances are it was hosted by D.R.E.S. that BEATnik. As one of the most recognizable faces of the genre, D.R.E.S is a city staple and continues to help keep Atlanta on top of its game.  Want to book D.R.E.S? Get in line. This man stays busy and we definitely enjoy following him.

 D.R.E.S tha BEATnik

Plywood People

Plywood People give back through two different ways: education and implementation. Plywood People was founded as a way to support organizations who provide aid to the poor, distressed and underprivileged. We’re all about people who walk the walk and talk the talk, and Plywood People have got it figured out.

Plywood People


Sure, MailChimp is an awesome e-newsletter service with loads of personality. But what really gets us about this marketing genius is that they care about Atlanta – a lot. With over 4 million people using MailChimp to create their email marketing, this company actively rewards creative endeavors around our city. So, what have we learned from MailChimp? If you throw a monkey into the mix, even work can become play.


Jason Travis

Atlanta-based Jason Travis (J.Trav) snaps photos for loads of well known outlets, including Scoutmob, Creative Loafing, Adult Swim, and CNN.  If you’re looking for an awesome photographer to take care of pretty much any project, Jason Travis is your guy. But if you know anything about his “Persona” series, be prepared to empty your pockets.

jason travis photo

Kwanza Hall

As Atlanta City Councilman for District 2, Kwanza Hall has helped to champion many different projects that have helped to set Atlanta apart over the past few years. An advocate of Living Walls, Atlanta Streets Alive, and Art on the BeltLine, Hall has been a voice for people looking to make a creative change. One of our favorite projects backed by Hall? His Yo Boulevard! initiative which aims to  aid in crime prevention, job training, education and more in the O4W area of Boulevard.

kwanza hall

Paul Morris, CEO of the BeltLine

As the head of a multi-billion dollar urban redevelopment initiative, Paul Morris has a lot on his plate. The BeltLine aims to revitalize otherwise under-used areas of Atlanta by creating parks, trails, and transit. We’re patiently awaiting the completion of the 22 mile project. In the mean time we’re thoroughly enjoying the art and activities the BeltLine is already offering.

Paul Morris


Fallen Arrows Straight and Arrow LogoCriminal Records has been a fixture in the Little Five Points area and an active part of the Atlanta music scene since it first opened its doors in 1991. Today, the store continues to support independent music and media stores through an alliance founded by Criminal’s owner, Eric Levin. We asked Eric to give us some insight about the mission and future for his store and other ventures.

FA: Eric, you have been around Little Five for a while. Can you give us a brief history of Criminal Records?

LEVIN: Criminal Records arrived in Atlanta mid-August 1991. I’d grown up working in an indie record store in Daytona Beach, where I opened the first iteration. I fell in love with Atlanta and Little Five Points on my first visit to the city and moved up two weekends later. I lived in the back, turned 21, made a bunch of mistakes, doubled down on those mistakes, moved the store a few more times, purchased Aurora Coffee, started AIMS (the Alliance of Independent Media Stores), and founded Record Store Day with a few record store friends. I decided at one point to close Criminal Records to pursue new ventures, but was forbidden to close by the ATL community, and have most recently closed out the 10th anniversary celebration of AIMS in our city.

Eric Levin - IMG_7652FA: How is business these days? What difference has the internet made in buying your merchandise? What does the future look like for Criminal Records?

LEVIN: Business at Criminal Records is very close to good. For many stores our size, making it to the next day with all the bills paid is a victory. We’re good until the end of the next day, for the most part, but I’m happy with that. The same can be said for Aurora Coffee; we are able to employ, insure and mature. We sell some pretty essential non-essentials – music, stories, art, coffee – and we help others achieve their goals.

The internet helps and harms, but given a level playing field, shopping local and independent is always a solid move. This isn’t going to ring true for every consumer and every item they want to consume, but I believe it’s important to shop local some or most of the time; whereas online entities like Amazon expect stores like mine (and Best Buy to some extent) to showroom their wares. They have apps to compare prices and discover findings, and that’s pretty insidious. At least now they have to collect sales tax from Georgia sales, and stores like mine are no longer penalized on the outset.

Amazon is pretty creepy, but the other stuff is even worse. I’m pretty good with selling affordable luxuries, because even if they become antiques there will still be a space for merchants.

I like records, CD’s, comics, books, and toys; I like knowing what coffee drink to start making someone when they walk in the door; and I love turning folks on to music, on record or live. That future looks very bright.

Eric Levin - Print

FA: How was AIMS conceived? What was your motivation for getting that off the ground?

LEVIN: CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores) and MMN (Music Monitor Network) started up during the earliest years of Criminal Records, and I was always a curious bystander, wondering what those other stores were up to.  My store was a little immature and had a well-earned reputation of being uncooperative; basically, we weren’t invited to join the other cliques. I recognized a fair number of other independent record store cast-offs and corralled us into an LLC agreement. The stores that I chose are some of the most iconic in their regions, and our success within the music industry was instantaneous as we served a great need at a fair price. 

FA: How has AIMS fared over time, and what is its future?

LEVIN: AIMS has fared well as the need for our services has only increased as the music industry has constricted. Most labels have scaled back resources and the basic needs of sales and marketing are no longer being met for the artists that have entrusted their work to the shrunken music industry. AIMS connects those dots. As well, based on our governing and on-going management of Record Store Day, we’ve got a life-long global event to monitor. 


Eric Levin

Criminal Records and Aurora Coffee, Owner

Alliance of Independent Media Stores, Founder & President

Record Store Day, Co-Founder


a: 1154 — A Euclid Ave NE , Atlanta GA 30307

e: eric@criminalatl.com

w: thealliancerocks.com

t:  twitter.com/criminalrecords

f:  facebook.com/criminalrecordsatl

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