We think it's official: 2011 is the Summer of Catlanta. In our down time when we're not throwin' 'bows to get our hands on these coveted felines, we've been working with The Cat Himself to print some super sweet projects. Yup, wearable Catlanta. Pretty much nothing to hate about that. Up first... On Aug. 27, the vintage-istas of Pony Up Vintage are throwing a vintage apparel market, called VAMP, featuring local vendors and designers - including Catlanta. Peep this tote bag created especially for VAMP and printed at Fallen Arrows:

A Catlanta tote to carry your Catlanta trickets in? #meta

                          Next! If you were being a diligent Atlantan and watching Catlanta's Twitter this afternoon, you've already seen what we're about to show you. Go make a sandwich or something. For those of you who haven't seen it, look at this shirt:

Catlanta can't stop, won't stop.

    Want to get your little paws on one of these? Keep your eyes to the Twittersphere to see when they will be available on Catlanta's Etsy. We'll let you know too (with our bodies. while we're wearing the shirt.)