When we tell people we're a Direct-To-Garment printer we usually get some pretty confused looks. While DTG (which is a digital method of printing) is a huge part of what we do and it is a really amazing alternative to screen printing it isn't the only thing we do here. Which is why we're adding a new feature to our new monthly newsletter called Current Creations. Current Creations will highlight jobs that we're working on that are outside the norm that we're excited about. For our first feature we want to tell you about Spotted Trotter. If you aren't familiar with Spotted Trotter you should be, especially if you're a fan of life alteringly good meat. Kevin Ouzts is the man behind the meat and his story is as interesting as his cuts are delicious. Kevin grew up in a family with a passion for cooking and good food. Kevin's Father even built a huge brick pit smoker  by hand in their backyard; complete with a pulley and lever attached to a giant steel trap door at the top to regulate the powerful flumes of hickory smoke. This vibrant affection for and intimate connection to food would serve Kevin later in life when, after bouncing around the corporate world for a while, he eventually found his way back to his first love. We've been fans of Kevin's charcuterie for a while and so we were excited when Kevin came to us with work. Kevin needed us to do custom embroidery on his chef's jackets (pictured above). While embroidery isn't something we typically do we rose to the challenge and came up with something that we, and Kevin were happy with. Since then we've done several of these jackets for Spotted Trotter and other customers. If you've cooked up an idea in your mind that you think needs to be created but you're not sure how to go about it, come by and see us or shoot us an email. Chances are we can come up with a creative solution to make your idea a reality.