rsz_rasadon_flyer_public If you aren’t familiar with Fela Kuti you should get familiar. Fela was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and pioneer of Afrobeat music as well as a political and human rights activist. Fela may have died in 1997 but his music and his legacy have lived on and recently have inspired a revival of musicians and fans revisiting his discography. In 2008 Fela! The Musical was released off Broadway and stoked the flames even higher. This Friday at 595 North in Atlanta artists like Rasadon, DJ Kemit, CaZ, African tribal drummers and dancers and others will be celebrating the Fela! phenomenon in grand fashion. Fallen Arrows is providing merchandise for the event and we’ll be hosting Fela pop-up shops at the new Fallen Arrows Showroom in the weeks to come.