Gabrielle Mirville

To Raise Awareness and Support for Gabrielle Mirville

Professional model Gabrielle Mirville did not receive a fair shake the other day

when she was arrested for posing topless at a professional photo shoot in downtown

Atlanta. And the price she had to pay – nine hours in jail and a hefty fine – is certainly

not commensurate with the ludicrous charge filed against her. So we decided to do

something about it. You could say we are baring our souls for a woman’s right to bare her


As garment design artisans and artists, we may have an edge up on those who still

think a female breast should never see the light of day. We take art seriously here, and

serious artists have depicted women’s breasts since, well, prehistoric cave drawings and

ancient Egyptian art. We also happen to have a fair share of Italian heritage here at Fallen

Arrows, and it is hard for us to imagine Renaissance art without exposed human anatomy.

Likewise, it is difficult to imagine any artistic endeavor today, including stylistic

photography, being bound by the narrow dictates of laws or ordinances that clearly are

intended to curb blatant sexual activity in public, which of course was not taking place at

that early Sunday morning photo shoot. Not even close.


Proceeds from the sales of both of these Garments go to help pay for Gabrielle’s fines. Click on over to our store to get you one!

My Body and Bare

Orders placed by Thursday the 22nd will be ready for wear at the Rally on Sunday the 25th.