Fallen Arrows has always supported the arts in Atlanta and now with our latest project, we're helping the Spirits and The Melchizedek Children bring the city some amazing music. We're proud to release a limited run of 7" from SATMC featuring the track "Song Birds Grave" as well as special Magicicada remix!         Want your chance to win a signed copy of the SATMC 7" along with entry to the exclusive video premiere for "Lost and Found" at The Mammal Gallery on December 14th? events Check out our Facebook to find out how you can snag all of the Spirits and The Melchizedek Children goodies below!
  1. A signed copy of the Magicicada remix of the new Spirits and The Melchizedek Children 7", released by Fallen Arrows
  2. A limited edition tee Complimentary entry to video release of "Lost and Found" at Mammal Gallery on December 14 at 9PM
  Contest ends on Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 6PM. Must enter via Facebook post. Only one entry per person. Must be able to pick up prize from Fallen Arrows headquarters. Winner will be RANDOMLY selected and notified via Facebook post.