We know a good thing when we see it and we see it in Atlanta artist and musical wunderkind Jeffrey Bützer. We've worked with Jeffrey over the past couple of years on everything from sponsoring his annual Charlie Brown Christmas performances to t-shirts so we were thrilled to hear that Jeffrey was getting ready to release a new album. We recently saw Jeffrey perform his new songs at The Earl and we were mesmerized. Jeffrey is a true and rare talent and we're proud to be able to help him spread the word about his new recording titled Collapsible. Here's a note from Jeffrey himself describing the album. Be sure to check it out and catch him live around town.

Hey Everybody!

So, we are finally releasing COLLAPSIBLE!!! I thought we had it finished a while ago, but thankfully we waited. If you have seen us live in the past year then you have noticed Cassi Costoulas now sings on 90% of our songs. Our good friend Lionel Fondeville got that ball rolling by writing wonderful French lyrics to a handful of our songs. So what started out as a tiny, instrumental, Toy-pop mini album, turned into our first full-length album since 2009’s THE GARDEN OF SCISSORS. (And our first full-length vocal album ever) I am super proud of this one. I’ve always wanted to work with singers. And I lucked out with these two. The very nice, patient and talented, Matt Steadman Produced and co-mixed the album. I really hope you will give this one a quick listen at: www.bandcamp.com We are officially releasing this puppy on 29- June at the GOAT FARM in Atlanta, GA (where they filmed Hunger Games 2). You can purchase tickets and brand new shirts designed by Jack Bloom http://www.andbloom.com At the Bandcamp site above. We have all sorts of package deals. We will mail you a ticket, button and coupon to pick up whatever merch you order. Mr. Ben Trickey will be joining us with his band to start the night off. This show is all-ages. Note: if you live far away from Atlanta, but you want to go ahead and order a physical album, please email me back at jeffreybutzer@gmail.com (please do not reply to this one for that) and we will send instructions. Thanks again! -Jeffrey Bützer