Anyone living in Atlanta is constantly aware of a few truths. The traffic sucks, there are some amazing places to eat, the traffic sucks, and there are always a million events going on at any given time. This weekend is 4/20 and it's certainly no exception. Sweetwater's 4/20 Fest and The Dogwood Festival are both this weekend as well as the kick-off of the annual Renaissance Festival. Not to be left out, we'll be holding it down in a big way over here at ye olde Fallen Arrows with not one, but two events! The first event is a one day Pop-Up Store experience featuring a curated collection of Art, Music, and Goods by independent designers. In the tradition of Bake Sales that have come before, we too will be raising funds for a worthy cause. 100% of proceeds from sold baked goods will benefit The Creatives Project. The event will be in Fallen Arrows brand spanking (beware, there could be spanking) new Showroom from 3pm to 8pm. Visit the Facebook page for more info. Pim Cups and Hoe Cakes   Our second event is, well, probably better experienced than explained but, let me give you a few hints to entice. If you ever wanted to see Flaming Cabaret, a twerking competition, and Cousin Dan dancing on the Good Food Truck here's your chance. As far as anything else going on in Atlanta this Saturday goes Pim's Down, Hoe Cake's Up takes the muthaforking cake...or hoe cake to be more precise. In addition to the debaucherous performances there will also be raunchy xylophone playing by Rex Hussmann, Dirty Poetry, a spanking booth, and bobbing for wieners. Oh, and remember that food truck Cousin Dan will be gyrating his loins upon? Yeah, that's the one and only Good Food Truck and they will serving up a special event-only menu including an Exotic Hoe: curry hoe cake topped with mango beet salad, buttermilk cheese, and tamarind honey and two other mouth watering Hoe treats. If you think you candle that much crunkitude getcha booties over here tomorrow night for a night of chalices, bling, and everything in between. Facebook page has many more details.