Fallen Arrows Poisons and Antidotes-png Mike Germon is a name any of our long-time followers will recognize. Mike’s Accelerated Expansion 2 line was his most recent iteration and we were proud to be Mike’s exclusive printer for the line. Never one to sit still for long Mike has been secretly working for months on a new artist driven line called Poisons and Antidotes that will be revealed to the public on February 23rd. Poisons and Antidotes started as an experiment in vintage medicine label graphics and expanded into an exploration of the dichotomy of destructive and healing forces that we experience in our lives. These garments will address the subject through simple, classic symbols. For the occasion Mike has decided to invite some of his favorite artists to contribute their own responses to the topic, some of which will be available as tee shirts. Participating artists include Peter Ferrari, DUST, olive47, Aubrey Longley-Cook, Trek Matthews, Truett Dietz, Branden Collins, Johnny Warren, Andrew Bellury, Ashley Anderson, David Hale, Nathan Sharratt, and more. Fallen Arrows will be hosting the unveiling and we’ll have special event-only merch, music, and assorted Poisons and Antidotes swag. You can get event updates here.