Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

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Direct to Garment (DTG) is a relatively new technology. DTG is very different from traditional silkscreen or heat transferring images. It provides you with a better quality image that allows you to print infinite colors at once. We can print photo-quality images that don’t crack or peel.

How it Works

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing - infographic


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you print more than four colors?

  • Yes! A DTG printer can produce over 16 million colors. Click here to see some original designs by Atlanta artists.

What is the largest size image that you can print?

  • We can print images up to 13.5″x16.5″.

What is the lowest/highest resolution image that you can print?

  • We can print any resolution. Graphics with under 300 dpi may look pixilated and crummy. We highly recomend that you only submit images with at least 300 dpi. Our machine is really cool, but it can’t make low res files grabbed from the internet look crisp.

Can you handle gradients in a graphic?

  • Yes. We can print photo-quality images, so we can definitely handle gradients, halftones, etc. See our gallery for some examples.

Can you only print on white or light-colored shirts?

  • We can print on any color garment. Unlike older DTG technology, we can also print white on dark garments.

What types of fabrics can you print on?

  • We can print on almost any fabric. However, we prefer to print with 100% cotton garments. Cotton garment produce the best results.

How do I wash a garment with a DTG image on it?

  • Garments printed using DTG technology have excellent washability because the ink actually penetrates into the fabric. Unlike silkscreen and heat transfers, your image will not crack or peel off after a few washes. To be safe, turn it inside out for the first few washes, and wash on cold.

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