Vinyl Application

T-Shirt and sign vinyl application can be used for all kinds of projects from sports jerseys to car decals.

Vinyl transfers are cut using a plotter. The design then needs to be weeded – the process of removing the pieces of vinyl that won’t be transferred. Once the transfer is ready, it is applied with a heat press.Vinyl Application Price List

As well as the standard color range there are other options, including glitter and metallic vinyl. Check out some examples below

Vinyl transfers can be produced in single order quantities, so they are excellent for custom garments, and for decorating a run of shirts with changing information (for example the player names and numbers on a team uniform).

It important to remember each design needs to be weeded, so it is no cheaper to do a hundred shirts than it is to do one. Because the artwork needs to be vector based it cannot be used to reproduce photos. While multiple colors of vinyl can be applied to one shirt, there are still practical limits to the maximum number of colors in a design (it’s usually preferable to use three or less).