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A New York native and current Midtown resident, Desiree deCoteau has been working on mondésir, her upcoming collection of T-shirt designs, for over two years now. Each shirt displays one of 18 hand-drawn images of fashion, music, and art icons from Anna Wintour to Rick Rubin to Andy Warhol. All the shirts are digitally printed on 100% organic cotton.

    desirFALLEN ARROWS: So, tell us about the upcoming event. Desiree: The visual premier of the first three installations of designs will be April 11 in the Granite Room at Castleberry Hill from 7-11 PM. FALLEN ARROWS: And what will we see there? Desiree: Three installations to my Iconic Time Capsule. The first is fashion icons, second is music, and the third is art. We have illustrations of David Bowie, Spike Lee, Slick Rick, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, and a bunch more. At the show, there will be the original illustrations hanging on the wall, and shirts available to see and purchase. FALLEN ARROWS: What made you want to focus on images of famous people? Desiree: It’s all about inspiration. I’m not someone who is obsessed with celebrities or anything. Even as a kid, I never really was. But all these people are a source of creative inspiration, and to reference them with images is to keep that energy flowing. They mean something different to everyone.   FALLEN ARROWS: Why is it called mondésir? Desiree: That’s actually my mother’s maiden name, and it means “my desire” in French. When I was fifteen, I told my mom I would name my first collection after her, and to make that all happen has always been, well, my desire! FALLEN ARROWS: Are you from Atlanta? Desiree: No, I’m from Staten Island. But I have been living in Atlanta since 2000, and I think there’s a great community here for artists. People who pursue their passions often have to sacrifice a lot, and I’ve found that Atlanta gives a lot of support to those who want to create. FALLEN ARROWS: Your vision is clear-cut yet imaginative, and leaves a lot of room for progress. How do you see this project developing in the future? Desiree: Well first off, I’d like to design accompany pieces—blazers and other garments. Everything is streamlined and chic in the collection. It’s all on a black/white/grey scale. Eventually, I’d like to use photography in some new shirt designs. Overall though, I’m trying to create a lifestyle brand for creative professionals, in the same way that Nike has created a brand for athletes and Supreme has for urban skaters. I think seeing and feeling this creativity is important for artists, and in the end we’re all artistic in some way. photo (3) FALLEN ARROWS: So your T-shirts are for everyone? Desiree: Definitely. Everyone has creativity whether they’ve found it or not. Seeking inspiration helps to do just that.   FALLEN ARROWS: And what inspires you? Desiree: Music is a big one, which obviously ties in with this project. I got into DJ-ing a few years back, and still love to do that. Although most of my gigs have been bat-mitzvahs… FALLEN ARROWS: Oh man, I bet those got pretty out of control. Desiree: Yeah not really. I’ll probably DJ at the debut show though, just like a thirty minute set or something. I definitely want music to be a part of it all. Another big inspiration is travelling and learning about other cultures. My biggest dream is to combine all these things—to travel the world, inspiring people through music and art. FALLEN ARROWS: Sounds like a plan! We’re really looking forward to your show. Can you tell people how to find you? Desiree: Follow me on Instagram @mondesircollection and check out my website: