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With their atmospheric and hazy shoegaze-esque sound the unsigned band, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, create music that borders on being a spiritual experience. SATMC is a deeply embedded part of the Atlanta music scene, spearheaded by lead vocalist & guitarist Jason Elliott. Fallen Arrows sat down with Jason to talk about the band's beginnings and musical influences, as well as what is special about being a part of East Atlanta.

FALLEN ARROWS: Where did this band get its start and how did you all know one another?


We met several round about ways. Sprits and the Melchizedek Children started in Atlanta, GA at Camp 1538. Camp 1538 was my private residence at the time that was just full of self-discovery and craziness.


FALLEN ARROWS: How long have you all been around?


Spirits and the Melchizedek Children as a project was established in the winter of 2008. Since then the band has gone through some line up changes, but we are stronger than ever!

FALLEN ARROWS: What influences -- musical or otherwise -- went into creating the sounds found in “Song Birds Grave” and your upcoming release “So Happy, It’s Sad”?


“Song Birds Grave” was written on a New England solo tour I did a few years ago with the Krippled Prophets. I had a bit of alone time in New England to think about the kind of direction I wanted for "So Happy, It's Sad". I wanted the essence of the record to have a sense of "beauty in all things" type of Mantra.

FALLEN ARROWS: What experience would you like people to take away from listening to your music and seeing you perform live?


That we are all in space suits on a BIG, blue Space Ship in the Cosmos.

FALLEN ARROWS: What is special to you about being a part of the East Atlanta community?


Well, I really love being at ground zero with a lot of what is happening in the Atlanta Art and Music scene. There is always something going on.

FALLEN ARROWS: Where are you all going on tour and what do you all wish to accomplish while on it?


SATMC is touring the U.S. coast to coast from March 6th through April 20th. On the way to the west, we will be doing SXSW and a handful of SXSW overflow shows throughout Texas. We are having a local release show at 529 on February 27th with our good buddies Big Jesus and Nest Egg. The record will be released to the world on March 4th, 2014. Being our first national tour, this will serve as a pure support and exciting adventure for the new album, "So Happy, It's Sad".


We always meet cool new people while on tour, so this will be quite the meet and greet. Touring is such an important aspect for music. There are so many bands out there, and you have to be willing to take risks and leave your hometown to share what you have created. Stand out! Make a point and give a reason for people to be moved by your music. Listening to music is an experience, combined with seeing the music live which ALWAYS takes it to the next level. We are ready and extremely excited for it! See you in March and April!

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